Wreckreation Information

The Wreckreation was acquired by in 2017 and has been serving EPSO ever since. 2017 was a year of break-in for the team and the divers. The boat is also used for expeditions by technical divers of the Outaouais (PTO).

You can organize an outing on the Wreckreation with a reservation. We travel in the Outaouais region, St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario and several other regions of Quebec and Ontario. You can also view pre-set outing dates in the EPSO calendar.


Size of the boat 
25 feet / 7.62 m
Width of the boat

8.99 feet / 2.74 m

Depth of the boat 
3.25 feet / 0.99 m

Gross Gauge

Air Solid


Honda 4-stroke 225HP 
MaterialAluminium Hull
Boat typeCommercial 

Things to know ...

To register for an outing

You must pay in advance. Once paid, you must present yourself, reservations are final and non-refundable because places are limited

You must complete a disclaimer form at the link in the right margin.

Prepare your equipment. Sharp edges are prohibited on board and you will have the choice to leave your piece of equipment to your car or if you wish, to protect it with duct tape if possible. We reserve the right to refuse any object that could damage the boat.

The day of the exit

Prepare your equipment to be as compact as possible.

You are entitled to a small tray for your accessories but try to minimize your space to a minimum.

Mount your first cylinder on your jacket (BCD) and install all your equipment to handle a minimum of equipment on board.

Put your mask in your fins so as not to damage it.

Bring yourself a refillable water bottle since we have fresh water to fill you up. (We have no more bottled water for ecological reasons)

Be on time! The boat will leave if we have not heard from you!

There are no toilets on board. Go before departure.

In the boat

Wear your suit before departure (If the boat is full).

Once you have chosen a place, stay there.

The law requires that you wear a life jacket if you are not in a diving suit (closed zipper for dry suits)

Once seated, do not get up without asking permission. A sudden stop may make you fall.

An information session will be held before departure. We will cover the security rules.

The boat is equipped with a VHF radio for emergencies

The boat is equipped with a first aid kit and oxygen located in the front compartment of the boat.

For those who have keys or mobile phone, a waterproof black box on the console is available to deposit your items.

Arrived at the dive site

The captain will warn you when approaching the dive site, you can start thinking about your gear but stay seated as long as the engine is running.

The crew will lower the ladder and pull out the side cables.

The crew will make an announcement that the dive is open.

Equip yourself or others. If you have Bailouts, you can hook them to the side cables to gear yourself in the water.

As a team, you will enter the water.

Check your proximity to ladder when entering back entry.

Check to see if anyone is behind you before entering the water.

Stand by the side cables after your immersion as needed. (especially in the current)

Stay away from divers who are immersing.

Have a good dive!

During the dive

After your immersion, the lookout on the boat will be alert in case you go back up urgently.

If you go up urgently and are too far from the boat, beckon to the boat with your hands from left to right. Use a whistle to warn us if you have one.

If you go back and all is well, make an OK sign with both hands above your head to make a big O. Wait for an answer from the boat to make sure you have been spotted.

In open circuit and single cylinder, you can dive until you reach 500 PSI (50 bar) at your output. We do not limit you in your time unless otherwise advised by the crew.

In technical diving or closed circuit, you have the choice to do 2 dives of an hour and a quarter or a single longer dive.

During an emergency, a booster can be made by hitting the hull of the ship. If you hear that sound, come back to the boat, we have an emergency and have to leave.

A 50-foot rope will be deployed at the back of the boat during outings where there is power. This rope is used to grab you if you miss the boat.

Stay with your partner, in case of separation, start the procedures in case of loss of pairs.

After the dive

To get back on board, you can use the side ropes to hang your accessories (bailouts).

Wait for help it's always easier.

You can go back with or without fins.

Once on board, ask for help to remove them. Direct ahead, use the trunk to remove your equipment.

Make room for others as soon as possible.

Make yourself and dehydrate yourself.

On the way back

Replenish yourself, let yourself be rocked by the waves.

If this is not already done, group your equipment so that they be easy to get out of the boat.

Wait for the signal from the crew before dismounting. The boat must be completely immobilized.

Take all your equipment from the boat on the platform if possible, make the chain is easier.

Be sure to leave nothing behind (key, phone etc.) (black box)

Thank you and we hope you enjoyed your Wreckreation!