Cylinder fills

Every shop has it's own internal rules,  At EPSO, we use what makes sense and join it to our provincial and federal laws.

EPSO will no act against any laws established by our governments in regards to Transport Canada.  As far as the visual inspection is concerned we adhere to what the industry is dictating us to do

If we refuse to fill one of your cylinders, you must understand that the technician has the right to not put themselves and others at risk.  We will be glad to explain the reason(s) why we cannot fill your cylinder and hope you agree with us.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We fill at a rate of 200 to 600 PSI per minute.  Depending on the size of the cylinder and how much air is left, it may vary between 3 to 10 minutes.  You must understand that we cannot rush this process and that the technicians may be busy when you come for your refill.  You can leave the cylinder for a later pickup or come back the next day.  It is your responsibility to predict a normal delay of 24 hours.  We have busier periods and you must prepare accordingly.
You are asking us to break the law.  We cannot fill cylinders more than the rate pressure of the cylinders.  The rated pressure of the cylinder is set at ambient temperature.  If the cylinder is hot, we can go a bit higher but the pressure must be at the rated pressure or below after the cylinder has cooled down.  Do you really plan your air that precisely that 100 or 200 PSI can make a difference?  BE A SAFER DIVER!

Order & Delivery

It all depends on the items and the destination.  We are currently working on an automated calculation system based on actual shipping cost.  For now, we will contact you to advise of the real shipping costs.
Yes.  Please be aware that once the order has shipped, it is considered final and if you return the item, you will be given a store credit.
Yes.  We will give you a store credit for any returned item.  You are responsible for any transportation fees for the return.
We can ship worldwide for most products.  For Aqualung products, we can only ship to Canada.