EPSO was founded in order to meet a more specialized demand from customers. EPSO is not simply the largest boutique in the Outaouais region, it is the most specialized in this field and gets the highest satisfaction rate in the region. EPSO also relies on the diver community by partnering with the region's largest diving club, Eau Zone. EPSO has a very high standard of quality for all services. We are the only shop in the Outaouais region to certify(and display) the air quality of our compressor.

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PADI 5 star

Clearly the undisputed choice in the Outaouais region, EPSO stands out for its variety of products. We have equipment of all levels, from beginners to professionals, including technical diving and rebreather enthusiasts.

We are primarily an authorized Aqualung dealer. This choice was made due to the large selection of products offered by the manufacturer but mainly for the excellent quality of the products developed over the years. Aqualung is the brand of choice by the majority of military and professional organizations including technical divers.


The guarantee of buoyancy compensators, regulators and spare air sources, covers the product throughout its useful life. All conditions of the Limited Warranty are covered in the Extended Replacement Policy *. (See the FAQ)

These limited warranties are only for repair or replacement at the discretion of Aqua Lung Canada.

Aqua Lung Canada warrants to the original purchaser for a specified period (see FAQ) for each product, from the date of purchase, that the product will be free from defects in material and workmanship, Provided that it receives normal use, Service subject to the limitations listed below. The limited warranty is extended only to the original purchaser for purchases from an authorized Aqua Lung Canada dealer and is not transferable. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement only at the discretion of Aqua Lung Canada. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, improper maintenance, negligence, unauthorized repairs, alterations, accidents, fire, accident or normal wear and tear and aging. Cosmetic damage such as scratches, cuts and fraying is not covered by the warranty, except when the product is new, out of the original packaging. This warranty does not extend to equipment used for commercial or military purposes.


PADI 5 Star Diving Centers are progressive diving stores that offer a full range of PADI scuba diving training programs, equipment selection and experience opportunities, while encouraging environmental aquatic responsibility. These companies excel in providing quality services to divers, present a professional image and actively promote the benefits of scuba diving, snorkeling, diving trips and environmental protection. PADI 5-Star Diving Centers encompass the PADI diver education system and offer regular in-service training programs to ensure that divers have the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge. These dive companies are active in the community and are committed to providing customer satisfaction as well as great diving experiences.


Dominique Gingras

Co-owner of EPSO, Diver since 2006, he can teach you at all levels, from beginner to professional!

Mario Desforges

Mega positive Divemaster and Co-ownner, always ready to help you make the right choice and charm you with a smile.

Francis Mineault

Co-owner of EPSO, he's the guy who spearfish faster than his shadow!


Patrick is part of EPSO's team since 2016 although he's been around for many year before that as an avid diver!

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We are always looking for the best instructors!

Dan Masson

Dan is part of EPSO's first instructor class! We like Dan, be like Dan!

Carl Gingras

A PADI Instructor and also a commercial diver. Carl is the guy! The ultimate diver!

Jeannine Joly

It's sweet to dive with her! Such a ZEN person, no worries, just some good scuba fun!

Francois Boudreault

PADI Divemaster and a good one!

Luc Beland

A reputation of steel, this guy will be there for you!

Daniel Pilon

PADI Divemaster who likes to have a good time! Always ready to teach!

Jean-Michel Liboiron

Jean-Michel, or 'Lou' as we call him is became an instructor with EPSO. He is our expert Deadpan! Just check his Facebook profile!

Élyse Labonté

Élyse Labonté

Sebastien Jouffroy

Dream about scuba diving at daytime, Divemaster on his spare time!

Alain-Claude Arcand

He is not Cuban but he goes there so often that his passport no longer serves him!

Nicholas Houde

Nicholas Houde


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“Excellent service! extremely competent staff !! The place to go in the Outaouais for scuba diving!!”